Top Five for Monday (04-26-10)

Here are my top five for this week…

1. Katie Freiling !  Fabulous, smart, business savvy fellow Red Head!! What’s not to love. She has brilliant ideas and is down to earth and friendly! She even loves yoga too!!

2. Running – I am getting back into my running (as one of my Top Ten for this Year IS a 10k). I’m not sure if I LOVE this one… but I need it. Track, here I come!! Too bad I lost my MP3 player, so now I have to run holding my portable CD player!! Welcome back… 1999!!! No-one better laugh at me!!!

3.  CUPCAKES – with all the Birthdays going on around me, I seem to be surrounded by, and therefore eating bunches of Cupcakes!!! Which leads us to the running 🙂

4. Basso and Brooke (again!) – I could literally spend hours looking at their collections, art and photography!! They have even designed artwork for wine!!!

What is NOT to love about these guys!!!!

5. Flash Foods Coffee – Ok, this might sound super cheesy… but I Love, love, LOVE getting my morning coffee from the corner gas station! The place is about the size of my bedroom… but I love the coffee! (Ok, not better than Starbucks, but pretty darn close!) For $1.27, I can get a HUGE cup of piping hot Wonderfulness. It wakes me up every morning! I think I might have a slight infatuation 😉


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