Do and Don’ts of Dating

Recently I have been on a series of odd, quirky and sometimes bizarre dates. Along the way, I have noticed a few things that should or should not take place on a first date. Some of these things have happened to me personally…. some of them have happened to other people I know. Either way, here are a few tips for those of you who are returning to Dating (like I am!) or still looking for the “One”:

*Do – Men: Open her door! Car door, restaurant door, door to any entrance for that matter! It is a gentleman thing to do. Don’t make her wait for you to do it, just take the initiative. My Father once told me that a man who doesn’t open my door isn’t worth my time… and so far, I have found him to be right!

*Don’t – Never drink too much on a date and try to kiss/make-out with your date… it is tacky and awkward, not to mention the regrets you will have if they don’t want to smooch you back!

*Do – Men: Offer to pay!! Even if your date insists on paying for herself, at least OFFER to pay! It is the right thing to do…. and it makes you look like a gentleman! (Trust me, this is a good thing with us women!)

*Don’t – Talk about yourself or your career the ENTIRE time. No matter how fabulous or exciting you think you are, or your job is, talking about only YOU will bore your date in a matter of minutes. I have been on dates where I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, and I left thinking “I wonder if he even knows my name?!?!?” Ask questions of your dates; conversation should be a two-way street! Dating is about getting to know each other-not just one of you!

*Do – Wear clean clothes! This should be a given…. but quite a few people have missed the memo on this one. Enough said.

*Don’t – Overuse Profanity or Politics! Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than when my date drops the F* bomb every other word (Hello, I am a LADY!!) or gets on a soap box about his political views. There is a time and place for everything… and a date is not the time or place for either of those things! I would further add that Family/Ex Bashing or How Much you Love your Cat are not good topics either!

*Do – Always treat your wait staff/bartender nicely! We are watching…. how you treat them shows a lot about your character! Plus, it is NEVER a good idea to treat the person who handles your food/drinks poorly!

*Don’t – Invade personal space, especially on the first few dates! If you are hovering and crowding, it makes me want to back away slowly…. then run!

*Do – Be Yourself! That is all anyone is looking for really! Dating should be a fun, pressure free way to get to know someone, to see if they are a good match for you. So pretending to be someone who you are not only gives the other person a false impression of who you are! Sure, we all show our best self on the first few dates, but the people we fall in love with have the character to shine through the awkward nervousness!

Those are just a few things I have noticed…. feel free to add to that list! 

Happy Dating!!!!


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