Top Five (for Monday May 17th)

My top five for this week:

1. “Fabulosity” – by Kimora Lee Simmons.  Amazing book! Witty, Insightful, Interesting and Fun!! I can hardly put it down…. except to read my OTHER favorite read right now:

2. “Why Men Marry Bitches” – by Sherry Argov.  When my best friend Camie demanded that I buy this book “Right Now!!”, I admit that I was a little cynical at first. I did NOT need another dating book, or so I thought. This book made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes…. and I could relate to almost every page! I love it! Trust me, if you’re a Chick, you are going to want to read this book!!

3. Sour Patch Kids – One of the yummiest ways to brighten up a CRAZY MONDAY!!!

4. Booth’s Shea Butter Night Time Dream Cream…. Thanks to my wonderful Mother, I can pamper myself (and my face!) every night! In the morning, I use Booth’s Tea Tree Therapeutic Toner! My skin is remarkably smoother and less oily after just one week of use!! I might become a Booths addict!!!

5. Memorial Day WEEKEND! OK, so I know that it is NEXT weekend, but I am already excited about it!! Boating off Crab Island in Destin Florida with one of my closest Girlie friends EVER!! Time to buy SPF5000 and dust off my Red Bikini. Summer I am ready for YOU!!!!!!!


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