Where have all the Cowboys Gone?!?!

Wondering where all the good men have gone? Have we just used them up and tossed them aside without realizing what treasures we have? Have we walked on by without even noticing them? Have we been looking at the wrong men without even giving the right men a chance?

My pact of closest girlfriends ask me this question almost weekly: “Where are all the good men? Why do I keep meeting/dating the wrong men?!?!?” To date, I do not have an answer for this question. I know many great, amazing, successful, beautiful single gals…. and I know quite a few Amazing, caring, intelligent, handsome men. For some reason, the Great Gals and the Amazing Men never seem to meet each other. They wander around meeting and dating people who are completely wrong for them! They are frustrated and “burned out” at the idea of dating! It’s “exhausting”! I agree. Where do Great Gals and Amazing Men go to meet each other?

My personal theory is to STOP looking for that perfect mate and EMBRACE the life that you have been given! Too often I find myself wishing I was dating or married again… and I miss out on the some very Fabulous opportunities because I am sitting around feeling “sorry” for myself! Why do we always crave what we do not have? Why do we envy our single friends when we are married? Why do we long so desperately to be dating/married when we are single?

The Lesson I am learning (it’s a process!!) is to be content where ever I am at in life. At whatever stage, single or with a significant other, to be happy and fulfilled in that precise stage! Not to long for what I don’t have, but to wholeheartedly embrace to joys and pleasures of what I DO have!!! Life is a journey… filled with ebbs and flows, mountains and valleys,  and joys and sorrows. To EMBRACE each stage that I am in currently, without rushing towards the next “stage” of my life….. that is the LESSON for right now!!!


2 thoughts on “Where have all the Cowboys Gone?!?!

  1. I like it! Be thankful for the present, right now. I’m proud of you for this web site. It suites you well. Keep up the good work.
    talk to ya later…

  2. Loving your site! After I had a particularly nasty break up, I did the one thing I should have done all along. I dated me. I took me out to dinner, bought me nice things, and I learned to love the fabulous woman that I was. Did that help me meet someone? I don’t know. But it gave me more confidence and I did meet someone. It also gave me a better perspective of who I am as a woman, and as we all know – that is invaluable!

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