Top Five Monday List (07-12-10)

Ok, so its been a few weeks since I have posted my Top Five. There are several reasons for this… mostly, super busy in my regular life!! Lots of Changes, most of them really Great!! Here is my Top Five for this Fabulous Week:

1.  Royal Pains….. on USA…. Makes for a Wonderful Thursday Evening!!

2. Writing. Its therapeutic, enjoyable, zen, relaxing, uplifting…. etc,etc, etc…. Whether its poetry, journaling or blogging, it is such an outlet for me! Some of my writing will never be read by the public eye, but I write everything that is on my heart. Someday I might need to have a burn party for all of that paper!!

3.  First Kisses…. Need I say more?

4.  Kim Kardashian’s Blog:  I cannot get enough of this girl. She is Fabulous, Interesting and Funny. Reading it is one of my guilty pleasure 🙂

5.  Yoga… the more I practice, the better of a person I become!! Practice makes Perfect!!!


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