Top Five (Christmas Themed)

I know its Tuesday. I know I am a day late with my Top Five. I figured, What the Heck, I haven’t written a Top Five in months… so technically I am months and a day late. Some say “Better late than never”…

1. Countdown till Christmas! We are now at T-minus 25 days. I must confess that I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet. I am more of a Christmas-Eve-Grab-Whatever-Is-Left Shopper. This comes from my long standing procrastination habit. If you’re lucky enough to get a gift from me at all… it will most likely be a gift card… from whatever store is the least crowded and has the shortest checkout line.

2. Decorating for Christmas – My Office. That was enough. I officially retire from decorating now.

3. Christmas Music!! I adore Christmas music. I pace myself though as I do not want to overwhelm myself with this pleasure and therefore get annoyed before Christmas Day. A jingle here… a jangle there. I’m good.

4. Wishlist. Genius! Brilliant! Ah-Mazing! My entire family (all eight brothers and sisters scattered across the country) uses wishlists to control the mayhem of Christmas shopping. Try stuffing the entire collection of J.R.R. Tolkien’s written work into a suitcase on Christmas Eve! Never going to happen! Thank you for saving Christmas at the Collyer’s house.

5. Spending more time with Family and Friends! I cannot wait to see brothers and sisters that I have not seen since LAST Christmas! I have such an Ah-Mazing family!

6. Cold Weather Attire – BRING ON THE SCARVES AND SWEATERS!!!!!


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