The Sugar Cookie Disaster

Saturday night I attempted to make Sugar Cookies at a cookie bake with my three girlie friends. Key word: Attempted!

Recipe for disaster:
1.Have a friend take a photo of the recipe on her Iphone, then text it to you, then you send it to your email, then you try enlarging the photo to read the content of the recipe, then you print it and write in what you THINK the measurements of the ingredients are.
2. Make dough based on said ingredients.
3. Roll dough, cut cookies and bake.
4. Chill. Eat biscuit.

Yes, I said biscuit. Or rather shortbread. Better yet a sugarless sugar cookie that caused me to have a strong desire for bacon and eggs and grape jam. In my haste, I wrote 1/4 cup sugar instead of 3/4 cup. I even thought: “This doesn’t seem like a lot of sugar for a sugar cookie. Oh well…”

Needless to say, My friends thought it was hilarious! My face was red.


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