Top Five Christmas Songs

I adore Christmas music… the week before Christmas, in moderation. There are a few songs that have touched me over the years and make me cry every time! Here are my top five Christmas songs… in no particular order:

1. “Here with Us” by Joy Williams – My Sister-in-Law sang this at the Christmas Eve service last year and it brought tears to my eyes. It is beautiful.

2. “Where are You Christmas?” by Faith Hill. The best part of the Grinch movie, in my opinion…

3. “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby. It is a tradition in my family to watch White Christmas every Christmas. I get choked up hearing Bing’s voice every time. Living in the south makes me long for snow and cold. Just for one day!

4. Silent Night. Classic. Beautiful. Heartwarming.

5. “Christmas Shoes” by Newsong. This song reminds me of the spirit of giving in Christmas. Most of the time I am so caught up in myself and my loved ones during the Holidays that I forget that people are struggling to survive all around me. This Christmas I am looking outside my little comfort zone and finding ways to give to others. There is always someone less fortunate who needs a little Christmas cheer.


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