Day Six… Master Cleanse

Woo Hoo! I have made it to Day Six! I am pretty sure that I have NEVER gone this long without eating in my life!!! I have been high, I have been super low, I have been everywhere in between! My Body is flushing things I never imagined possible!

I have realized several things on this Cleanse:

1. Food smells SO GOOD… I took for granted how wonderful food smelled until I couldn’t actually eat it. I am usually so busy that I just grab whatever is available and inhale it without stopping to appreciate it.

2. You CAN survive without coffee! The few two days were rough, but now I am waking up when my alarm goes off well rested and with energy. I don’t even crave it. I have more energy in the afternoons now because I am not crashing from my morning caffeine binge.

3. Junk food is not even worth eating! I am beginning to realize how vitally important what we put into our bodies is! My face has been breaking out almost daily for years, and much worse in the past several months. Since I’ve started my cleanse, my face has completely cleared up and no new pimples!! I’m ecstatic! That alone is a reason to cleanse! I never really made the connection between what I ate and drank and the reaction my skin was having to it.

4. Healthy eating must be a lifestyle! When I finish this cleanse, I am determined to only consume healthy foods, raw and organic if possible.

Here’s to Happy Cleansing….


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