Day Eight (Master Cleanse Finale)

I decided on the evening of Day Seven that I would come off my “cleanse” the next morning. I was getting too grouchy! Without work as a distraction, I didn’t want to be snappy with my daughter all weekend. I think it was a pretty wise choice.

The Grapefruit I ate the next morning tasted like Heaven. I would definitely try the Master Cleanse again… when my schedule is a little less crazy! Cheers to the 10 pounds that I did loose and the new-found appreciation that I have for healthy living/eating.


One thought on “Day Eight (Master Cleanse Finale)

  1. You are amazing! You have done wonderful! I don’t know if I could have done it. I think you’re right. Apart from the wonderful benefits the cleanse gives to your body, you also gain an awareness of what you consume each day. Way to Go!

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