Power Women (My Current Heroines)

Everyone has a Hero (or Heroine). A person (or persons) they look up to, admire, and respect. Whether this Hero is living presently or not, we all have at least one person! I happen to have several women in this category that I view as “Power Women”. These women have talent, drive and the determination to overcome sometimes overwhelming obstacles. I admire each one for different reasons (listed below).

Hopefully this list will be an inspiration to you as well…

** Rachel Zoe – Fashion Stylist. She lives and breathes Fashion. Her book has been such an Inspiration to me! “Be Glamorous, Every Day!”

**Gulianna Rancic – Media Goddess! Is there anything She doesn’t do? TV host, Red Carpet Queen, Fit Fab Female, Marathoner….. She is open and honest about her marriage, baby issues and every day life. We LOVE her!!

** Victoria Beckham – Style Icon and Mother. Designer, Wife, Mommy, Singer, Fashionista.

** Ellie Lawson – All-Time Favorite Female Musician. Her music is Amazing!! Ambassador for Quicksilver and completely down-to-earth!

PS: I probably read Style A to Zoe and That Extra Half an Inch once a month each!!


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