Second Hand Furniture

Decorating on a Budget isn’t Impossible.

All you need is cheap (thrift store, second-hand or give away) furniture and splashes of personal touches! I happen to prefer pages from my favorite Magazines and photos/memorabilia of my Loved Ones.

My Mother is Ah-Mazing at finding bargains! She recently brought me several pieces of furniture that I immediately adopted into my home. These pieces remind me constantly of my family, which I LOVE because they live five hours away!

Hutch that has been in my family for as long as I can remember! (My Grandmother would be proud.)

Bookshelves from My Momma’s house:

Awesome Chest of Drawers! (Which my Mother bought from a friend who was moving for only $20.00!!!)

Finally, my closet door… which inspires me every morning while I pick out clothes for the day.


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