Top Five for this Week

I cannot believe that February is almost DONE… and that this work week is over halfway done as well! Time is Flying By!!

Here are my Top Five for this week:

1. RenPure Organics Shampoo & Conditioner – I Love the way these products make my hair feel: Soft and Smooth! They smell Ah-Mazing too!!

2. Shiva Rea Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

3. Positive Attitudes! Sometimes its hard to smile in the face of adversity, but at the end of the day, I’d rather be smiling than frowning!

4. Maybelline Volum’ Express One By One Mascara – Normally I am a Volum’ Express The Falsies FANATIC, however, I couldn’t resist the Buy One Get One 1/2 off sale… and decided to try something new! This mascara plumped up my skimpy lashes without clumping or globbing! I LOVE it!!

5. Naked Juices – Energizing, All Natural and Refreshing… What’s NOT to Love?!?! I am slightly addicted! My Favorites: Blue Machine and Berry Veggie!


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