Top Five-March 8th

Here is my Top five for this Second week in March:

1. Store Bought Sushi!! Don’t get me wrong, I really love the restaurant kind of Sushi, but when my boyfriend brings me Sushi from Publix I am in heaven!!!!!!!! Simply Divine!

2. Reading Plays – I read a LOT of scripts in College and I am just getting back to my love of Theater! I’ve been dusting off my Theater books and curling up with them! Shakespeare, O’Neill, Shaw, Miller…..

3. Vintage Clothing – Inspired by John Galliano’s Fall 2011 Line .

4. Wonderful Friendships! My friends and Family are my lifeline!! I am so grateful to have so many people that love and support me unconditionally!

5. Last but not least…. New York Magazine! I am simply addicted! Best thing that comes in my mail box besides Netflix!


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