Chicken and Tomato Mac-N-Cheese

Chicken and Tomato Mac-N-Cheese – Fast, Easy and Cheap

About the middle of the work week, I am so frazzled by the time I get home that the LAST thing I want to do is start cooking. However, my almost three year old daughter can’t live on yogurt and granola bars (as I might if left to my own devices!) so I have to get creative sometimes. I’m tempted to do pizza, pizza, pizza, chicken nuggets and then leftover pizza. But instead, I try to give her (and me!) SOMETHING somewhat kinda-sorta-maybe nutritional.

Last night I came home and began searching through my cupboards, hoping some sort of INSPIRATION would JUMP OUT at me. I saw Mac-n-Cheese, some canned veggies, and a can of chicken. I decided just combine a few things and eat the result, no matter. The result was actually incredibly delicious! Maybe the fact that my daughter was watching Ratatoulli in the background helped my inner chef come out. Ok, so it’s not the MOST nutritional meal of all time… but it’s fast, easy and cheap. On a Wednesday night, I am ok with those three things!

Here is my dinner creation masterpiece:

What you need:

1 box of Mac-N-Cheese (I used Velveta because it’s my favorite)

1 12.5 oz, can of chicken breast in water – (Hormel)

½ can petite diced tomatoes (Add the whole can if you really like tomatoes!)

**Cook Mac-N-Cheese as directed on the box. Add chicken and tomatoes. The end.

~Actually you can modify the recipe any way you like to fit your family’s tastes. I sprinkled crushed Red Pepper and Dill Weed on top of mine (the Lil Munchkin ate hers plain) and it was absolutely divine. I couldn’t stop eating it! I even got seconds. Thankfully there was enough left over to eat for lunch today!!!


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