Cynthia Steffe Spring 2011 Collection

In my mind, Cynthia Steffe’s Spring 2011 collection is the epitome of what a sophisticated woman’s Spring Time wardrobe should look like. It is a creative blend of a sunny California girl meets New York City socialite on a weekend trip to the Hamptons. Bold colors (fuchsia, violet and aqua green) mixed together in abstract prints draped the models in flowing silhouettes. The varied collection included leather jackets with shorts, über feminine dresses and halter jumpsuits.

The models looks were kept simple, drawing further attention to the flawless perfection of the clothing: minimal makeup, straight hair and no earrings.

Only a few outfits were paired with striking accessories to polish off the look: Colorful bangles, delicate scarves, and aviator sunglasses. Each model wore leather peep-toe lace up boots which unified the entire collection.

Designer Shaun Kearney did an amazing job creating a collection that can easily walk off the runway and onto the streets of America. Every woman needs to own at least one article of Cynthia Steffe’s spring collection!


2 thoughts on “Cynthia Steffe Spring 2011 Collection

  1. WOWers, lovely and gorge dresses!love the greenish/turquoise dress in the 4th pic! I would prob wear it w/out the pants tho,lol..

    I’ve never heard of this designer but from what i read on your post, i’m assuming Shaun is an American designer?

    Thx fo droppin by my blog and leavin a comment! much appreciated!


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