Sunday Clothes Planning

Sundays are usually my day of un-rest. I clean the house, organize drawers, do laundry, take a nap (ok, that is rest), take the trash out and whatever else needs to be done that has accumulated over the past week. I try to do whatever I can to make Monday morning run a little more smoothly. Too often I am running late on Monday mornings as it is…. my body gets a little too cozy sleeping in on the weekends and resists getting up!!

A few weeks ago I purchased a handy dandy Garment Rack from Wal-mart (my closet was getting a little cramped!).

I hang up all my outfits for the week (Jewelry and shoes included). Viola! No more scrambling to find clean trousers at 6:00am! It is SUCH a timesaver having everything right in front of me in the morning. What are your time-saving tips?

This Week:

Shoes – Such a VITAL part of my outfit!!

This would be my Fantasy Closet…. (it’s Paris Hilton’s!!)

For more tips on organizing your own closet, check out this great article on!


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