Charming Charlies

If it possible for a store to epitomize Heaven on Earth, Charming Charlies would be that store.

The moment I walked into Charming Charlies , I literally gasped! It was like a dream come true!!! More square footage of colorful accessories than I have seen in my life to that point. A section of blue, a corner of pink, and aisle of green… it was almost too much for my mind to comprehend. Rows and rows of reasonably priced accessories??? Maybe I HAD died and gone to Fashionista Heaven!

Of course, I had to proceed very slowly and peruse through each section with the utmost care-I did NOT want to miss one thing! Purses, shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves…. I was on Accessory Overload – in a VERY good way!! I picked a few things (all my budget would allow at that moment) and vowed to return the next time I was in the area. Which, lucky for me, will be this upcoming weekend.

I can learn to live on Ramen Noodles!! Charming Charlies, here I come!!!

Let me show off two of my new Favorites: Feather Hair Tie and Pewter Necklace!!


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