Hope Remains

The weather here in south Georgia has been REALLY drizzly and dreary for the past few days! I woke up this morning in such a funk! My mood was Terrible! I brushed my teeth scowling, drove to work growling and drank the entire pot of coffee through clenched teeth! What a GROUCH I was!

I decided I needed a little cheerfulness in my life today! As I perused Pinterest on my lunch break, I realized that what I needed was a little HOPE.
Hope for the little things… like hoping that the weather will improve. Hoping for the bigger things too… that I will find balance in my crazy life.

Hope that I will, indeed, someday meet the Man of my Dreams and live Happily Ever After.

Hope that I will achieve my goals and dreams. Just plain ol’ HOPE!

Am I the only one who has these funky days?!?!


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