Fashion Icon – Barbara Goalen

Once know as the “most photographed woman in Britian” during the 1950’s, Barbara Goalen was the epitome of style and couture. Although her career only spanned six years, she called it “the vintage years” having traveled the world. One thing about her that really stood out to me was that her “standards were legendary”. Could someone observing my life say that MY standards are legendary? Just a thought…. Ms. Goalen refused to model lingere in a harem of 300 women for the King of Saudi Arabia in 1954. “It simply isn’t done you know,” she explained, adding with a sigh, “but the underwear is really divine.”

Her character, as well as her immaculate style, was iconic!

Barbara Goalen worked with Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as well as modeling for Dior and Balenciaga. She worked with photographers such as John French and Richard Dormer and was the highest paid model in her field at the time.
“I’m not mad about getting older,” she once said, “but I feel there is fun to be had in all ages. Don’t ask me how old I am. I won’t tell you, and don’t look it up in your files. It is so provincial to mention age.”

In an age of ever-emerging and changing Fashion Icons, who do you admire? Is it the person with flawless taste over decades or the trendsetter who takes fashion risks?


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