I have already explained my addiction to magazines in a previous post. Shame on me! I am STILL trying to sort through my ever-growing stackes! The One-In-One-Out method does not work so well for me… its usually TEN-In-One-Out!! I just can’t seem to just throw them in the trash. Why is that, do you think?

As a compromise, I have decided to try some DIY projects using my precious Magazines! That way I can keep them with me FOREVER in some shape or form!

Here are a few cool “projects” that I came across that I cannot wait to try!!

Paper Ruffles from

Magazine Mobiles (from

Wall Art from

If all else fails… I will just have to buy a house with a library large enough to hold my “addiction” -see example below.


3 thoughts on “Magazines

    • I have one HUGE Inspiration board on my desk, which is a collage of magazine clippings and pictures. I am working on my second board. I will post Pictures so that they can be an inspiration to you as well!

      Also, I have a filing cabinet that is about halfway full of clippings, article, and pictures that I have ripped out of magazines over the years. Organized by topic, of course!


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