White Skirts

They say you can’t wear white after Labor day. I’m not quite sure who “they” are exactly, but I tend to put my little white summer skirts away by the second week in September. Not taking any chances… That and I couldn’t seem to find a way to pair my eyelet skirts with my Autumn sweaters until now!

Since there are only a few more short weeks of summer, I thought I should get the most usage out of my white skirts before I pack them away to hibernate for the winter. Or maybe I will keep them out a little longer… after all, this IS the south and it stays warmer longer!

Here are some great ideas for transitioning your super-summery white skirts into fall:

**Pair it with Flannel (CupcakesandCashmere.com)

**Pair it with a Cardigan (Check out this brilliant blog: Littletinsoldier.tumblr.com)

**Pair it with all sorts of Autumn-type blouses (From the lovely Bloggerista Jseverydayfashion.com)

Counting down the days until fall…. but enjoying the last few bits of summer sunshine


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