Sizzling Miami Style

Inspired by all the Burn Notice that I have been watching recently, I decided to do a little research into women’s fashion in Miami. The lead heroine on the show, Fiona, shoots the “bad guys” wearing nothing more than a mini-dress and strappy wedges (not to mention a Killer Tan!!).

When I asked friend and fellow blogger Lexi from Miami (Glitter & Pearls ) what to wear in South Florida, she said: “The less clothes, the better!” While that might work on women who wear a size 2 or smaller, I personally like to keep a little fabric on my curves. However, if there is one place in America to rock out in a sexy little dress with mile-high heels, it is Miami.

Miami is so Fashionable it even has its own Fashion Week! Look at these GORGEOUS Clothes from the Mara Hoffman Collection for Miami Fashion week (Spring 2011 RTW):

Mood Music: Will Smith, Miami

My own personal take on Miami Style:

Miami Collection

Twelfth street by cynthia vincent dress, $410
Peep toe heels, $55
Manumit beading jewelry, £5.20
Michael Kors gold shades, £72
Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss – Pink Tulle, $22
Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tanning Spray for Body, £22
Assouline In The Spirit Of Miami Beach, $40

I look forward to watching Burn Notice and continuing my “research” into the Fabulous Miami Fashion!!


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