Seattle Trip (part 1)

Last week I traveled to Seattle, Washington for much needed relaxation, food and reconnecting with friends and family. It was an Ah-Mazing trip!! My parents and I stayed at a cute little apartment in Capitol Hill, two blocks north of the trendy shops and restaurants on Broadway Avenue. Despite having to sleep on a couch (I’m a trooper!) we managed to cramp something into almost every minute that we were awake! Dinner at New Castle Golf Course (overlooking downtown Seattle), Cocktail party, Thai food, and an afternoon on a yacht were just a few of our adventures.

In Capitol Hill, I came across a thrift store that was SO fantastic, it is beyond words or explanation! Red Light on Broadway has two floors packed with vintage clothing and accessories. The moment I walked in, I was kicking myself for only bringing a Carry-on suitcase. I wanted to scoop up everything in the store!! I did find one Ah-Mazing dress from the 1970’s that was a blazing orange. Sadly, it did not fit me!

My Dress:

Sadly, I managed to keep leaving my camera in odd places and not have it when I REALLY wanted it! Therefore, I have very few of the pictures that I promised. However, I did discover a few Great Seattle Bloggers who capture the essence of the city’s street style brilliantly!


Alix Rose

Mollie In Seattle

Its My Darlin (Great Street Style Blog!!)

I will be editing and uploading more Pictures from my trip tonight, so stick around for parts 2, 3, 4……


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