Basso & Brooke Spring 2012

It is a known fact that I am OBSESSED with Basso & Brooke! I cannot get enough of their wild, over-the-top prints! From art to clothing to sculpture and everything in between, there is NOTHING that these two amazing designers cannot create.

“Basso and Brooke are the Pixar of Clothes.” Tim Blanks ~

The Spring 2012 Basso & Brooke collection presented at London fashion week (on September 16th) was incredible, filled with luminescence, bold mixed patterns and long flowing dresses. The fabric mixed bright florals with chunks of color in stripes and swirls. The dresses flowed effortlessly and accentuated the body perfectly.

The White Eye-Shadow is sure to become a spring 2012 trend!The above the knee length is perfect! I love the sunglasses!

Brilliant designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke!

I would wear every single piece in this Ah-Mazing collection!!! I am asking Santa to send me one of the dresses right now!!

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