Shiny Baubles

For about a month now I have wanted to spend a Saturday afternoon perusing thrift and antique stores for BIG, Bling-Bling-esque Rings! There is something that catches my eye about RINGS, large or small.

I am not much of a necklace or bracelet girl, so I tend to jazz it up with Earrings and Rings. The more outlandish the better, I always say. I love a Huge Flower Ring on my index finger, for example. Imagine my glee finding tons of rings on Pinterest! I want to scoop them all up!

I cannot wait until this weekend so that I can add more treasures to my collection!

I love the look of several bands layered together to make a unique look: Unruly-Things

Next up on the adgenda, a DYI open ring box to display all of my lovelies!! How to on: Cutoutandkeep

Multiple Over-Sized Beauties: Images via Pinterest

What is YOUR Bling-Bling of Choice??


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