Coat Love

Brrr… It is officially Autumn!! I have started to use my car seat-warmers on a regular basis and have made scarves part of my daily outfit. With the weather getting colder and the evening sunlight almost non-existent (Thank you Day-Light Savings!), I am excited about being able to wear my Big Red Mrs. Santa Clause coat (seen here).

I am on the lookout for a new coat, however, for Winter 2011. I haven’t found THE ONE just yet, but here are a few of my Favorites:

Love the Feminine Puff!

Tan Trench: (Perfect Spy Coat…for those days when I wish I were a Spy!)

Wishful Thinking: Burberry Cocoon Coat! (Love the Color!!)

Lovely Pockets-Very European!!

Trench Coat? Pea Coat? Faux Fur Lined? Mid-Length? Full-Length? Tweed? What kind of Coat should I get???

Decisions, Decisions!!


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