A Hair-y Mess!

I have come to the conclusion that I desperately NEED to try a new hairstyle…or several. My long, curly red hair is usually down and a wild mess, or up in a sloppy bun! I need to be more creative that than! Blame it on my snooze button or sheer laziness in the mornings.

I found several hairstyles that I think I could pull off without a lot of effort. Starting tomorrow of course…today its still my usual sloppy bun look.

Half up with curls:

With Multiple Headbands:

Artsy Braids and Curls:

Sexy, Sloppy Braid: (Images via Pinterest)

What Hairstyle should I try tomorrow???


3 thoughts on “A Hair-y Mess!

  1. love all these hair styles. i’ve always wanted to wear a braided headband of my own hair. i also love the sloppy braid. it’s beautiful! try them out and post pictures of your process 🙂

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