Blustery Saturday Inspiration

My life has been a WHIRLWIND recently! The past few weeks have been a barrage of social activities, packing my house, getting ready to move…. and everything that comes with several big changes in my life! I am moving from Georgia back to Florida. It’s an exciting yet crazy busy time!! Needless to say, my lovely blog has been neglected a bit. I am still finding inspiration in the world around me, just not as much at the moment to share it with all of you. However, on this chilly Saturday morning, I will pass along a few nuggets.


Brisk weather makes me crave Hot Chocolate….

Homemade Peppermint Bark:

Finally able to wear Scarves and Jackets!!

Thinking ahead to Spring… with the Inspiration of Chanel Spring 2012 Collection:

Researching DIY Projects for Christmas Presents (Love PsImadethis!!!)

DIY Christmas Present Idea #2 (Perhaps for my older sister… she knows wine!)

Finally… Listening to Christmas Music!! I love Mannheim Steamroller for Christmas Music with a kick!

Carol of the Bells

Have a Wonderful Christmas Season Lovelies!!!! xxoo Jamie


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