DIY Letter Collage

Oh, How I do love my magazines!!

In light of my upcoming move to a different state, I am trying to “recycle, reduce and reuse” everything thing in my house. I am still in the process of going through my large stack of magazines (although, in my defense, I have managed to give away quite a few old magazines and….gasp…throw some out completely).

Last night, I decided to get creative and put my Glamour magazines from 2008 to good use!

DIY Letter Collage:

Items You Will Need:
*Old Magazines
*Picture Frame
*Scrap Paper
*Glue (I used the roll-on craft kind)

Step One: Rip pages from the magazines into shreds, using the colors that you want to use.

Step Two: Glue paper shreds to scrap paper. I used the black shreds to cover the page as a background for my Letter “J”.

Step Three: Arrange colored shreds in the shape of the letter that you wish. Glue shreds on top of the background. Insert in frame and hang in desired location. Finished!

Find More DIY Projects on Pinterest and PsIMadeThis!!

Have a Lovely Week! xxoo Jamie


2 thoughts on “DIY Letter Collage

  1. I think this is so cool! I love making little mosaic things like this, but never thought about doing a letter. I might have to give this a whirl for my son’s room. 🙂 Cute blog, girl! ❤

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