Velvet Trends

Following a StyleCaster Twitter conversation this afternoon, I learned that velvet is making a comeback as a trend right now. Although I have never really worn a lot of velvet, I thought it warranted some research. Of course, any fashion related “research” is fine with me… as if I NEED a reason to spend hours looking at clothes and shoes!

What I found was Ah-Mazing!

Velvet is a soft and sensual fabric, with a luxurious feel. In colors like plum, navy and burnt orange, velvet can easily become a winter wardrobe staple!!

As a Skirt:

As a black Maxi Skirt (On Aline Weber during London Fashion week):

In Jacket form:

As a Dress:

Of course THE SHOES (would pair well with dark skinny jeans!):
Inside My Closet

Boots: TopShop

Pair your velvet with Multi-Rings and a Autumn-Inspired Mani for the perfect combination:From me to You

How will you wear velvet this winter????

xxoo ~ Jamie


2 thoughts on “Velvet Trends

  1. That’s really great to hear because I’ve always been obsessed with velvet and chiffon and even went to get fitted last week for a blazer that I’m having made. I love your post Jamie and OMG those plum platforms!!!! Gucci has a suede pair I crave. BisouBisou, -Clotaire

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