Lime and Chocolate Brown

The other day Toffee to Go was delivered to my office. While the Toffee itself was delicious, I was completely smitten with the box that it came in!

Lime Green and Chocolate Brown wrapped with a brown silk bow.

Instantly I became obsessed with this color combination!! I began imagining how to incorporate these two colors into my everyday life: Josie’s bedroom, clothes, my accessories etc.

Heck, I even craved a Lime Popsicle (my attempt at humor!):

What is not to love about a Lime and Brown Fendi shoe?!?!?!

Ideas of a Lime, Brown and Pink (because I LOVE Pink!!) bedroom for Josie:

My Future Lime and Brown Wedding theme (My Peacock themed wedding has competition!!):

Handmade Hand Warmers from The Etsy Blog:

I think I will crochet a Chocolate Brown and Lime Green Scarf this weekend… what do you think??

How do you feel about these colors in combination? Any other ideas for me to try????

Have an Ah-Mazing Weekend…. the countdown to Christmas begins!!

xxoo ~ Jamie


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