All I want for Christmas is…

Arrived at my parents house outside Mobile Alabama last night. Even though I am sick, sick, sick, I am still very happy to be spending the Holidays with my lovely family! My mother has made it her mission to make sure that I am feeling better STAT! I must say, there is nothing better than being babied by your Momma when you are sick. Momma’s Meds and Pinterest… what more do I need?

This morning, I am drinking Starbucks Christmas blend with french vanilla creamer and catching up on my blog reading (including: GlitterPearls, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Style on the Couch).

I am also thinking about how good I have been this past year (relatively speaking) and how much I deserve a LOT of Sparkle, Sparkle, Shine, Shine for Christmas this year!!

Here are a few items on my I-Have-Been-Super-Good-And-I-Deserve-This Christmas Wish List:

Glitter Dress (For all those fabulous parties I expect to attend in 2012):

Furry Chair for my Future Home Office (where all the Blogging Magic will happen!):
via: The Portland Penguin

Silver Sequined Leggings (because EVERY girl needs a pair!!):
via: BitchitsSunday

A Tribal Spike Necklace from Pamela Love (it says “I’m sexy” and “Dont mess with me!” all at the same time!):
Check out all of Pamela Love’s FABULOUS jewelry here.

Silver and Black Nail Polish blend from Zoya:

And last but certainly NOT least…

Spikey Louboutin Heels (without Louboutin shoes, my closet cannot be complete!):

What are YOU wishing for this Christmas?? Something with Sparkle and Shine perhaps?

Merry Christmas Lovelies!!

xxoo ~ Jamie


4 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. Thank you so much for including me in your round of of Christmas blog reading 🙂

    Now, I own a pair of sequinned leggings and apart from the fact that they are a little bit scratchy to pull on they do always earn me some nice comments. I wish I was brave enough to wear them all times of the year, but these are purely festive leggings for me.

    I very much hope you get that chair – if you do I might ask to come round just to sit in it!

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