Rock Star Sequins

In my never-ending quest for all things that Sparkle, Sparkle, Shine, Shine I am drawn to sequins like a moth is drawn to the light of an outdoor bug zapper (ok, so maybe that isn’t the best analogy… but you catch my drift). The gleam of light reflecting off the sparkling sequins always catches my eye, mesmerizing me. I simply cannot look away! I want, I need, I crave SEQUINS (and Glitter, but that’s another story for a different day).

The concept of marrying Sequins with Rock Star Grunge intrigues me…

Rough and Tumble meets Decked out Glam!

I like it!!

Oversized Sequins and Leather Gloves= Rock Star Goddess!

Flannel and Sequins:

Love the Feathers on this Sequined dress:
The Glitter Guide

Rockin’ the Night Away…

Paired with Colorful Chunky Jewelry:
The Glitter Guide

Fabulous DIY Sequin Hanger (found here):

How are YOU rockin’ out your sequins??

xxoo ~ Jamie

(Images via Pinterest, The Glitter Guide, and


2 thoughts on “Rock Star Sequins

  1. I must admit I wasn’t always a fan of sequins, but I love the way they’ve been worked in garments & accessories this season, and the wonderful texture clashes – such as pairing sequins with flannel, leather, fur etc! Now I’m a total convert!

    Really enjoyed reading this piece – your style of writing is fantastic & the images are fabulous!

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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