DIY Feather Clutch

Contrary to popular belief, I did NOT get the ASOS Feather Clutch that I was coveting for Christmas (Thanks Santa! See if I keep believing in you after this!!).

Being the Creative Fashionista that I am, I decided that I would make my own feather clutch, rather than buying it for myself… Cheaper and ALOT more fun!

Feather Clutch Lust:

Here is what you need to make your own FABULOUS Feather Clutch:

**Thrift Store Cloth Clutch (I scored this clutch for $1.62 including tax!!)
**Feather Boa ($7.00 at Hobby Lobby)
**Hot Glue Gun
**Glue Sticks (about ten cents apiece)

Total Cost = $9.00

STEP ONE: Measure out Feather Boa and align on clutch. Make sure that the Feathers cover the cloth completely.

STEP TWO: Use the Hot Glue Gun to glue the Feather Boa to the clutch. Wrap Boa around the clutch while gluing it in place. Use ample glue to secure.

STEP THREE: Wrap and glue feather boa to the entire clutch.

STEP FOUR: Enjoy your FABULOUS new Feather Clutch!!!! Be prepared for jealous and coveting looks of your one of a kind Clutch!!

I will be Rockin’ my Feather Clutch on New Years Eve… Where will you take yours??

Have a Wonderful Holiday Week Lovelies!!

xxoo ~ Jamie

(Images via Pinterest)


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