Tulle for Today

One of the things that I NEED hanging in my Closet in 2012 is a Tulle skirt (A.K.A. Carrie Bradshaw). I will wear it with vintage Rock-n-Roll tees and tank tops. Flip Flops or Heels…. the possibilities are endless. I have multiple pairing options already in my wardrobe (and in my mind), so really, it would be an investment piece!!

I even bought one for Josie for Christmas (the Little Diva!!)

Carrie Bradshaw’s Tulle Skirt Inspiration:

I might need TWO: One in Pink… One in Black!

The DayBook Blog

Longer, Romantic Style:

Colorful Bridal Selection: (I LOVE this!! Its going in my When-I-Get-Married-Again file!)
Rock-N-Roll Bride

And… Of Course… A DIY Tulle Skirt (for all of you DIY Fashionistas!) Here:

Have a Wonderful Monday Lovelies!!

xxoo ~ Jamie

(Images via Pinterest, The DayBook Blog, Rock-N-Roll Bride, and Simple Simon and Company)

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