Overcoming My Lace Phobia

I need to confess something: I have a Lace-Phobia. It’s true! Let me explain…

When I was a teenager, my mother had a small home-based business making lacy-teddy bears in wicker chairs. It’s true. We spent hours with hot glue guns, strategically gluing strands of lace and ribbon onto stuffed bears. My mother sold the Bears-in-Chairs at craft shows and in gift shops. Believe it or not, the bears were actually quite popular at the time (it was the mid-nineties after-all).

Ever since that time, years ago, I have associated Lace with Things-You-Find-In-A-Little-Old-Grannie’s-House, not at all something that I would want to put on my body and wear where people could see me!!

However, the time has come for me to face my Phobia and overcome it once and for all!!! (I am brave!!)

OK, here goes…

This lace shirt is very chic, love it with the denim shorts and cross necklace!: (hhhmm… it is actually quite nice!)

Vintage Dress… Gorgeous! (Ok, I am starting to warm up to the idea a little)
Where Did U Get That

Sexy Black Lace: (Uhhmm… YES PLEASE!)

Lace Couture (Balenciaga Spring 2006):
I Dream of a World of Couture

Lace Jacket: (With Polka-Dots!!)

Sultry Lace: (this is what I am thinking is needed to get over my fear… Me, decked in lace, staring out at the City lights)

Tomorrow’s Goal: Go Buy Something in Lace!!!

Next Goal: Wear it with Confidence!

Wish me Luck Lovelies!!!

xxoo ~ Jamie

(Images via: Tumblr, Pinterest, and Where Did U Get That)


One thought on “Overcoming My Lace Phobia

  1. I LOVE LACE!!! There are so many ways to wear it. You can toughen it up with some harder pieces or play into it’s romanticism! I’m glad you over came your lace phobia! It really is such a beautiful material.

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