Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizers

Since the move a few weeks ago all of my Bling Bling has been in a jumbled mess!! About 99% of my necklaces, earrings and rings are still in a box. I am wearing the same two pieces over and over again, YIKES! I must find a way to re-organzie my precious pieces once again so that I can SEE everything and therefore WEAR everything.

Here are some of the ideas that I found to help me display my Bling Bling with pizzazz:

{Love the Picture Frame! Can I paint mine with Glitter??}

The Monaluna Blog

{Coat Rack used as a Jewelry Display. I would also like to Paint this a fun, funky color!}

From London With Love

{Drawer filled with Tea Cups and Saucers from the Thrift Store}


{Old Crib Railing transformed into a Jewelry Holder. Awesome Idea!!}

From the adorable blog: Life Made Lovely

{I could hang a Towel Rack on the back of my closet door with Shower Hooks to hang my necklaces!}

Designer Ideas

These are just a few Great Ideas to get me started!

I will post my final result once I get it all organized. Wish me Luck!

xxoo ~ Jamie

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