Valentines Day Wish List

With Valentine’s Day a week away, I have decided to treat myself to a little something extra to celebrate Single-and-Fabulous Day!

For those of us gals who don’t have an extra man lying around to pamper us on this Hallmark Holiday, I suggest we put on our Brightest Red Lipstick, Highest Heels and that Little Black Dress that gives us Catherine Zeta-Jones curves! Who needs a reason to drink Champagne and eat Godiva Chocolate on a Tuesday?!?!? I intend to do just that… in Heels and Lip Gloss, OF COURSE!

Enjoy your Wonderful Amazing Day Lovelies because you deserve it!

Oh, and watch a Bradley Cooper movie 😉 Cheers…

Top Five Things I want to give myself for Valentine’s Day 2012:

1. Balloons

{I simply adore them! Balloons make me smile MORE than flowers, tis true!}

2. Cupcakes

{Every day should be a Cupcake Day!}

The Cupcake Blog

3. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

{I make these every year with Josie, for my beloved family and friends}

Make and Takes

4. Ballroom Dance Lessons

{Because you never know when you might need to dance the night away with a Dean Martin look-alike}


5. Bright Pink Girlie-Girl Heels-with Bows

{With these shoes, my day/week/life would be complete!}

Have a FABULOUS Valentines Day Week Lovelies! 

xxoo ~ Jamie 

{Images via: Pinterest, The Cupcake Blog, Make and Takes, and LoveRunaway}


7 thoughts on “Valentines Day Wish List

  1. This is adorable. Totally treating myself to balloons & cupcakes too, and might have already bought myself some pink Valentine clothes as a gift to myself 🙂

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