Friday Love ~ SGC NYC

Spending my morning working (Social Media), writing (London Fashion Week) and perusing the SGC NYC site.

Ok, so maybe more of the latter than the former at this point, but I have the best of intentions!

SGC NYC is the Cool Site that all the other Sites want to BE when they grow up!

They know all the edgy Rockers/Artists/Designers and just about everyone else in NYC.


1. Awesomest Photo Journal Ever! (Inside look at all things hip and happening)

2. SGC NYC has Ah-Mazing Interviews to read.

{Such as the ever-so-talented Pamela Love}

3. Fun, Funky Blog with Rockstar Glam appeal! {Bikes, Bands and Art… what more do you need?}

4. Super Awesome Twitter feed! {They know all the coolest people… AND they are friendly!}

5. SHOPPING!!! {Fabulous Street-Wear that won’t break bank}

~What can I say… When I grow up, I want to be an SGC NYC cool kind of Gal.~

Mix it up a little! Add a little Rock-n-Roll Chic to your daily routine! 

xxoo ~ Jamie

{Images via: SGC NYC site}


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