Super Busy!

Hello Lovelies!!!

My deepest apologies for being absent from my sweet little Blog as of late!

Here are the (few) things that have been occupying my time…

*Writing for Fashion Wrap Up {Fabulous Online Fashion Magazine!!}

*Launching Stellar Social Media {My own Social Media company….work in progress as I am busy with clients. Hurray!}

*Spending time with my almost-four-year-old Josie! {She loved the Mardi Gras parades here!}

… And working full time! 

In my “Spare Time” I am busy getting creative on my boards on Pinterest or on my Tumblr.

I love my life… but sometimes it is busier than other times and now is just one of those times!

Thank you, dear reader, for being faithful! I promise to put you at the very top of my TO DO list!

xxoo ~ Jamie

PS: This weekend I am working on a Fabulous Jewelry DIY Frame!!!! Stay Tuned….

{Second Image via Pinterest!}


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