Photos from a Four Year Old

My Daughter likes to take pictures with my camera when I am not around. I found this out a few weeks back while uploading to my laptop. Imagine my surprise to find 200 extra random shots on my camera! Even bigger surprise, some of them were quite good.

Josie (who just turned Four yesterday) knows how to operate my camera, the camera on my Android and the camera on Nana’s iphone! When I was her age, I was drawing on the walls with crayons and that was about it! Remarkable!

Here is a showcase of some of the pictures that Josie took:

The Inside of my Purse

Papa Eating Potato Chips (Part One)

Trying on Mommy’s Shoes

Play-Doh and Packing

Papa Eating Chips (Part Two)

My Closet

Helping Mommy Pack the Essentials… 

Papa Eating Potato Chips (Part Three)

**I must confess, I took this picture… before I discovered that Josie had taken 10 more pictures of Papa eating Potato Chips. Now we now where all the Chips disappear to!**

Looking out the Window on our Plane Ride Across the Country!

Hope you enjoyed these random Josie pictures!

xx00 ~ Jamie


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