Seattle Street Style

Having just moved from a place in the south where people wear College Football T-shirts and cut-off jeans to Church, I am scrambling to find my sense of style here in Seattle. Sure, I have a plethora of scarves, black trousers and maybe a few sweaters, but mostly I packed Maxi-Dresses and strappy Heels!

Uhm… What was I thinking?? I basically went from Summer (80s-90s+) to late Winter (45-55 degrees) in only 24 hours.

About five minutes after I got off the airplane, my Sister (who lives here) asked me where my coat was and I replied: “Uhm, I don’t own a coat.” This is what happens when you live in South Georgia and the Panhandle of Florida for numerous years. Cold Weather? What is that??

Thankfully, Seattle has some Ah-Mazing Thrift Stores and Awesome Street Style for Inspiration!

(Street Style Blog: It’s My Darlin’)

(Also from: It’s My Darlin’)

(Seattle Street Style)

I have come to the conclusion that I NEED the following items:

Black Leather Jacket, Boots, Skinny Jeans, Cool Sunnies and a Bus Pass!

Seattle Style
What is the Style where YOU live??
xxoo ~ Jamie

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