Colored Jeans

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Right now everywhere I look, I see Red Jeans (and Turquoise and Purple and Yellow…)!

As a Traditionalist when it comes to denim, I usually stick to my dark-washed jeans. I have two pairs. Clearly I am not much of a Jeans person (not sure why that is, I just happen to wear a variety of skirts and dresses). However, I am starting to fall for the colored jeans look!

Paired with a Sparkly Top and Faux Fur:

{via the Lovely Blog: La Dolce Vita}

Black and White and Red all over…. 


Also Loving the Purple Jean Look (Charming!!):

{From the Fabulous Wendys Lookbook}

Skinny Turquoise Jeans: 

{Found on Pinterest, but you can buy a similar pair from Roxy!}

Ok, now that I have been drooling over a million pairs of colored jeans over the past hour, I have decided that I will have to add a pair (or two!!) to my already abundant closet!

What’s not to L.O.V.E. about this??


For Reasonable Purchase Options, try Target, Forever21 or H&M

How would YOU wear colored denim? With Polka Dots? Leopard Print? Sequins?

xxoo ~ Jamie

One thought on “Colored Jeans

  1. I am scared of colored denim and trousers. I always stick to black or grey! Looks like its time to overcome this phobia, because I am loving all these looks that you posted.

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