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Photos from a Four Year Old

My Daughter likes to take pictures with my camera when I am not around. I found this out a few weeks back while uploading to my laptop. Imagine my surprise to find 200 extra random shots on my camera! Even bigger surprise, some of them were quite good. Josie (who just turned Four yesterday) knows … Continue reading

Easter Eggs

Josie, Nana and I had such a wonderful time coloring eggs for Easter! Well, actually Josie and Nana did all the work and I took pictures! It was a lovely experience! I’m predicting my daughter to become an artist (it runs in my family!). A Colorful Mess: We “Heart” Colored Eggs!!

Stinky Feet

Sitting in our driveway last night, my daughter decided to pull her socks and shoes off and show off her “Stinky feet!” (Her words, not mine) Not only was she covered in paint (arts-n-crafts at Daycare) and had pulled her pig tails out…. now she smelled bad too! It was Hilarious! Do not ask that … Continue reading

New Years Eve 2010

Due to last-minute circumstantial changes, I got to spend New Years Eve with my Lil Munchkin. We didn’t stay up till Midnight (Two year olds are NOT fun at that hour!) so we celebrated early. Mommy was asleep by 8:30pm…. I am SUCH a party animal! Haha…

Long Drive with a Two Year Old

Here are a few things I learned while driving five hours with my two-year-old on Thanksgiving: **Bring plenty of toys, books, stuffed animals, and patience! **Make sure to hit the road with full tummies! **Sing Songs (Josie prefered the ABC song… about a thousand times!) **Remember that adult conversation is almost impossible, unless the munchkin … Continue reading

Josie’s Second Birthday Party

Josie’s second Birthday party was a success!! Even though I was feeling a little under the weather everything went smooth and fun! My wonderful mother was visiting from L.A. (that is Lower Alabama for those of us living in the South!) and she was such an Ah-Mazing help in getting everything in order! The little “princesses” … Continue reading

Love and Adoration…

“Of course if you like your kids, if you love them from the moment they begin, you yourself begin all over again, in them, with them, and so there is something more to the world again.”  William Saroyan I never knew what true love actually was until I met my Daughter. She is my World, … Continue reading

Seeing the world through a Childs Eyes…

Sometimes, we have to pause and look at the world through the eyes of a Child. Children see everything as new and exciting. As an adult, I often find myself overlooking the small joys because I am too busy with “adult things”. Its time to go back to having a Child-Like attitude.  “When you reach … Continue reading