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Valentines Day Wish List

Valentines Day Wish List

With Valentine’s Day a week away, I have decided to treat myself to a little something extra to celebrate Single-and-Fabulous Day! For those of us gals who don’t have an extra man lying around to pamper us on this Hallmark Holiday, I suggest we put on our Brightest Red Lipstick, Highest Heels and that Little Black … Continue reading

Top Five – March 29th

In this Final week of March, here are a few things I am LOVIN’: 1. Short Shorts! Nothing screams spring like showing a little skin. Here in the south, we rarely have to wear coats in the winter. Sweaters and jeans are usually a necessity though (scarves too, on occasion). Its wonderful to be able … Continue reading

Rainy Days – Top Five

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the rain! April showers bring May Flowers…. or something like that! I find it hard to look my best when I am soaked like a drowned rat. Here are a few ways to stay dry during the drizzly months: 1. Buy an Ah-Mazing Umbrella! Then carry it … Continue reading

Top Five-March 8th

Here is my Top five for this Second week in March: 1. Store Bought Sushi!! Don’t get me wrong, I really love the restaurant kind of Sushi, but when my boyfriend brings me Sushi from Publix I am in heaven!!!!!!!! Simply Divine! 2. Reading Plays – I read a LOT of scripts in College and … Continue reading

Top Five – New Thursday Tradition

I have the best of intentions to write my Top Five for the week on Monday (Better yet, on Sunday Night!!) Yet somehow it seems to be becoming a Thursday tradition (because that is about the time in the week that I remember it!) Here are my Top Five for this Week: 1. Sally Hansen … Continue reading

Top Five for this Week

I cannot believe that February is almost DONE… and that this work week is over halfway done as well! Time is Flying By!! Here are my Top Five for this week: 1. RenPure Organics Shampoo & Conditioner – I Love the way these products make my hair feel: Soft and Smooth! They smell Ah-Mazing too!! … Continue reading

Top Five Fabulous RedHeads

I am on a Top Five kick right now (blame it on the fact that I watched High Fidelity recently!) and I keep having Top Five lists pop into my head at random times, like tonight. It is a common fact that I enjoy being a Fabulous Redhead! I like to embrace my vibrant personality … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions…

Every New Years Eve (or somewhere around that time) I feel compelled to make a list of New Years resolutions. Pretty much for the last ten years my list has looked something like this: 1. Lose 10 pounds 2. Save more money 3. Find true love 4. Become a writer 5. Move to NYC 6. … Continue reading

Top Five (Christmas Themed)

I know its Tuesday. I know I am a day late with my Top Five. I figured, What the Heck, I haven’t written a Top Five in months… so technically I am months and a day late. Some say “Better late than never”… 1. Countdown till Christmas! We are now at T-minus 25 days. I … Continue reading

Top Five Monday List (07-12-10)

Ok, so its been a few weeks since I have posted my Top Five. There are several reasons for this… mostly, super busy in my regular life!! Lots of Changes, most of them really Great!! Here is my Top Five for this Fabulous Week: 1.  Royal Pains….. on USA…. Makes for a Wonderful Thursday Evening!! … Continue reading