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New Postings!

Hey Lovelies! I am posting at Fashionista Musings now. Check out my recent posts… Super Fabulous! I am also writing for Julep.com so follow their Ah-Mazing Beauty Blog. Have a great week ~ Jamie  Via Pinterest

Super Busy!

Super Busy!

Hello Lovelies!!! My deepest apologies for being absent from my sweet little Blog as of late! Here are the (few) things that have been occupying my time… *Writing for Fashion Wrap Up {Fabulous Online Fashion Magazine!!} *Launching Stellar Social Media {My own Social Media company….work in progress as I am busy with clients. Hurray!} *Spending … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions…

Every New Years Eve (or somewhere around that time) I feel compelled to make a list of New Years resolutions. Pretty much for the last ten years my list has looked something like this: 1. Lose 10 pounds 2. Save more money 3. Find true love 4. Become a writer 5. Move to NYC 6. … Continue reading