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Oversized Statement Earrings

Oversized Statement Earrings

Two things are absolute STAPLES for Summer 2012: Gallons of H2O and Oversized, Bold, Look-At-Me-Now Earrings! Dressed Up or Down, Statement Earrings can be paired with almost any outfit and worn to almost every social event. From Butterflies to Hoops to Rhinestones, Statement Earrings serve one purpose: to draw attention! Pick one bold pair, leave … Continue reading

Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizers

Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizers

Since the move a few weeks ago all of my Bling Bling has been in a jumbled mess!! About 99% of my necklaces, earrings and rings are still in a box. I am wearing the same two pieces over and over again, YIKES! I must find a way to re-organzie my precious pieces once again … Continue reading

Thursday Pearls-Day

This past weekend, I got a Lovely set of Pearls from Charming Charlies while visiting my parents. I love the look of multiple strands of pearls in various sizes paired together! Very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys!! Very Jackie Onassis! Very Elegant and Classy! How do you like to wear your pearls? Like Carrie … Continue reading

Shiny Baubles

For about a month now I have wanted to spend a Saturday afternoon perusing thrift and antique stores for BIG, Bling-Bling-esque Rings! There is something that catches my eye about RINGS, large or small. I am not much of a necklace or bracelet girl, so I tend to jazz it up with Earrings and Rings. … Continue reading

Marni Jewelry

As I have a tendency to be Over-the-Top in many ways, I am drawn to jewelry by Marni. Oversized, brightly colored glass baubles and ornate luxe ribbons are just my style!!!!! I have Dalinian thought: the one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous. Salvador Dali

Grandmother’s Jewelry

My Grandmother tends to make crafts that are a little outdated (Crocheted tissue box covers anyone?). Recently however, she has been making jewelry for our birthdays/Christmas. This makes us grand-girls very happy indeed!! You can make your own (check out how-to-make-beaded-jewelry.com) or check out the ideas below! Or you could always ask my granny… I … Continue reading