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Photos from a Four Year Old

My Daughter likes to take pictures with my camera when I am not around. I found this out a few weeks back while uploading to my laptop. Imagine my surprise to find 200 extra random shots on my camera! Even bigger surprise, some of them were quite good. Josie (who just turned Four yesterday) knows … Continue reading

Super Busy!

Super Busy!

Hello Lovelies!!! My deepest apologies for being absent from my sweet little Blog as of late! Here are the (few) things that have been occupying my time… *Writing for Fashion Wrap Up {Fabulous Online Fashion Magazine!!} *Launching Stellar Social Media {My own Social Media company….work in progress as I am busy with clients. Hurray!} *Spending … Continue reading

Valentines Day Wish List

Valentines Day Wish List

With Valentine’s Day a week away, I have decided to treat myself to a little something extra to celebrate Single-and-Fabulous Day! For those of us gals who don’t have an extra man lying around to pamper us on this Hallmark Holiday, I suggest we put on our Brightest Red Lipstick, Highest Heels and that Little Black … Continue reading

Tulle for Today

Tulle for Today

One of the things that I NEED hanging in my Closet in 2012 is a Tulle skirt (A.K.A. Carrie Bradshaw). I will wear it with vintage Rock-n-Roll tees and tank tops. Flip Flops or Heels…. the possibilities are endless. I have multiple pairing options already in my wardrobe (and in my mind), so really, it … Continue reading

Lime and Chocolate Brown

The other day Toffee to Go was delivered to my office. While the Toffee itself was delicious, I was completely smitten with the box that it came in! Lime Green and Chocolate Brown wrapped with a brown silk bow. Instantly I became obsessed with this color combination!! I began imagining how to incorporate these two … Continue reading

All Things Princess

When I grow up, I want to be a Princess!! The little girl inside of me still wants the Fairy Tale ending with Prince Charming, a castle and closets full of fluffy dresses and sparkling shoes!! While life hasn’t always been perfect, I have never lost the dream of wearing a Tiara and riding off … Continue reading

Chicken and Tomato Mac-N-Cheese

Chicken and Tomato Mac-N-Cheese – Fast, Easy and Cheap About the middle of the work week, I am so frazzled by the time I get home that the LAST thing I want to do is start cooking. However, my almost three year old daughter can’t live on yogurt and granola bars (as I might if … Continue reading

New Years Eve 2010

Due to last-minute circumstantial changes, I got to spend New Years Eve with my Lil Munchkin. We didn’t stay up till Midnight (Two year olds are NOT fun at that hour!) so we celebrated early. Mommy was asleep by 8:30pm…. I am SUCH a party animal! Haha…

TOP FIVE (May 3rd, 2010)

Here are my Top Five for this week: 1. Castle on ABC…. Love the Show, Love the Actor! 2. Manicure Monday!!! There is something absolutely addicting about starting your week with fresh, chip free nails! It’s like having a clean slate… on your nails! 3. Rachel Zoe’s Ah-Mazing book! I re-read my copy whenever I … Continue reading

Josie’s Second Birthday Party

Josie’s second Birthday party was a success!! Even though I was feeling a little under the weather everything went smooth and fun! My wonderful mother was visiting from L.A. (that is Lower Alabama for those of us living in the South!) and she was such an Ah-Mazing help in getting everything in order! The little “princesses” … Continue reading