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My Inspiration

Here is my Inspiration for Today: New York City Skyline: Black and White Fashion Photography: My Wishlist for Today: My Wishlist by JamieRCollyer featuring platform stiletto heels Valentino dress, $3,645Prada platform stiletto heels, 495 GBPNehita jade jewelry, $1,276Vanessa Mooney beaded bangle, $195Emmanuelle Khanh sunglass, 374 EURRose pink hair accessory, 3.99 GBPNew York Skyline Screen – … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions…

Every New Years Eve (or somewhere around that time) I feel compelled to make a list of New Years resolutions. Pretty much for the last ten years my list has looked something like this: 1. Lose 10 pounds 2. Save more money 3. Find true love 4. Become a writer 5. Move to NYC 6. … Continue reading

The September Issue

I was truly blown away while watching this movie last night! I almost packed my car up and moved to New York City to beg for an internship at Vogue!! I have religiously read Vogue since I was a young pre-teen, and I agree, it IS the “bible” of the Fashion world. Fashion is art, beauty, … Continue reading

New York City in June!!!

  So…. I am planning a trip with one of my Bestest Friends Camie Joy to New York City this summer (hopefully in June!!).  To live in New York City has been a life long dream of mine, and I am BEYOND-EXCITED about this trip! I used to daydream about living in a loft in NYC while … Continue reading